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From the cradle, nothing is more important than a good sleep. Nowhere is this better understood than at Revelle Home Fashions, a leading Canadian manufacturer of world-class fine linens. Sleeping in a bed dressed in Revelle linens is a revelation. From the bassinet to the king size mattress, this is how we were meant to sleep, in comfort, peace and soothing serenity. A good sleep makes for a happy baby and provides the adult with stamina, ensuring success at work and play.






Revelle, beginning with its parent company, Down-Town Duvets & Linens Ltd., has developed a reputation for fine craftsmanship that for over 40 years. The main focus was manufacturing linens for well-known brands. Revelle brand was launched in 1992 as a prestigious private label, bringing the highest quality European-style products to an increasingly diverse and sophisticated Canadian marketplace. This includes a large collection of 100% Egyptian cottons, fine woven sateens, daring prints and high thread-count jacquard linens, as well as a wide range of matelassés and coverlets.



International Style & Flare



Revelle recognized that bedroom decor had become an important component in interior design and that Canadians were looking for the latest in European styling. The bedroom had become an oasis and a sanctuary from the busy modern world. Revelle sought out the best fabric mills and designers on the planet and began a stellar line of linens that continues to fulfill the Canadian dream.

Today there are several lines within the Revelle family. Revelle co-brands with two of the finest mills in Italy, Gabel and Mirabello. These partnerships bring to the Canadian market a large range of printed percales and sateens, some delicately sweet and calming, others bold trendsetters. The satin-smooth fabrics in the Savoy and Estate Collections are also produced at another top Italian mills. Revelle was attracted to Italy as a partner as Italians are renowned for their excellence in finishing, the final processing of fabric. Italy and Revelle share a rare attention to detail.

The Revelle label also features exclusive fabrics designed and printed in Portugal and Spain. The additionof these Portugese and Spanish fabrics widens the visional appeal of the entire Revelle collection. Revelle’s customer is not only assured the highest quality of fabric, but also one of the largest selections in bedding of coloured solids, prints and jacquards. 

Revelle also represents and distributes other prestigious home decor products from Italy, including Carrara and Gabel towels, as well as Somma blankets and throws.



A Canadian Company



Revelle’s designers select the best fabrics and designs, and interpret them to suit the Canadian marketplace in particular and the North American market in general. All of Revelle’s bedding collections, regardless of their origin, are styled, hand cut and sewn by master crafts people here in our plant in Canada. The company is proudly Canadian.

In addition to bed linens, Revelle manufactures a superb collection of down duvets, pillows and other products, made solely from Canadian white goose down processed and refined by authentic Hutterite communities in Alberta and Saskatchewan in Western Canada. Consumers the world over can have full confidence in this premium Canadian brand.



Commitment to Quality



Revelle products can be found at high-end luxury bed linen stores and bedding chains across Canada. Every six months Revelle introduces a new collection guaranteed to forever refine traditional tastes, as well as push the boundaries of the international design world.

Although Revelle can boast some of the most stylish bedding on the market today, the real pride of the company is the quality of its duvet cover and sheeting collections. As a company that both manufactures and distributes, we understand that our collection cannot be valued on looks alone. The real soul of the Revelle bed is not only in its design, it is in our commitment to quality present at all stages of production. Beginning with our choice of cottons, 100% Egyptian cotton is used in a majority of our collections. 100% American pima cotton is also available in our Supima Collection. From there Revelle’s commitment to quality continues to be seen in the dying and finishing of our fabrics. For instance, the Gabel Collection offers customers the intense colour saturation of high quality dyes in the Como XXI Line, bold prints on silky sateen in the Interiors Line, the all-natural look of unbleached cotton in the Naturae Line, and the quiet elegance, simplicity and respect for the earth in the Organic Line. The Mirabello Collection highlights beautiful Louisiana sateen finishes, as well as the colourful percales of the Soft Touch Solids.



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